Private aircraft pilot PPL(A) course

A private pilot licence – aeroplane PPL(A) allows you to fly aeroplanes provided that you are not paid for it. Having this licence is the first step towards your pilot career, although you can obtain it to enjoy flying as a hobby.
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    Once you have the private pilot licence you can progress thanks to our modular aviation courses and obtain ratings for: multi-engine aircraft (MEP), night flying (Night VFR) or instrument flying (IR), among others.

    In addition, the PPL(A) licence opens up possibilities if you want to work as a professional pilot, meaning you are able to obtain a continuation in the form of the commercial pilot licence (CPL), or to have access to the air transport pilot modular training course (ATPL Frozen).

    Theory training

    The course consists of 100 theory hours at the school, with a duration of 2 months, and covering the following subjects:

    • Aeronautical laws
    • Meteorology
    • Navigation
    • Communications
    • Human factors
    • Operational procedures
    • Flight principles
    • Aircraft performances
    • General aircraft knowledge

    Flight training

    This consists of a calendar and schedule to be agreed with your instructor for maximum flexibility of a series of flight hours:

    • 45 flight hours in a single-engine aircraft.


    You will obtain an aeroplane private pilot licence PPL(A) with a single-engine piston SEP rating.


    • You must be at least 17 when you take the flight exam.
    • Class 1 or class 2 medical certificate.

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    Modular courses

    With our modular courses you can organise your course according to your needs, at your pace, and pay for your training in instalments.

    300 flight days per year

    Thanks to our location we enjoy unbeatable meteorological conditions to fly every day in complete safety.

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